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Not a drug user, but I was drugged with LSD


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Hey how's it goin everyone?

So I'm not much of a drug user, smoked a lot of pot as a teen quit in my 20's after it started making me paranoid used mushrooms a few times smoked opium a few times tried coke a few times never really enjoyed getting high always preferred alcohol and was freaked out by how friends acted on lsd so I never tried it.

Flash forward to the present, I was at a Halloween party everyone was having a great time including a chick there who was tripping balls, kept telling me how I should do acid, its so great I'll love it'll change my whole outlook on life acid is soooo awesome.

Well I told her a good 6-7 times that night I didn't use drugs. Had another drink set it down to take a photo..... Finished my last drink went home went to bed woke up a few hours later totally fucked up.

My first time tripping experience I was not expecting it, in middle of sleeping, total darkness, no music, no tv, no people, no paintings or art.

Just darkness and silence, it sucked really bad. 

So ever since then I've had terrible anxiety, an unexplainable fear of leaving the house and driving, everything and everyone looking way too real. 

Not exactly hallucinating, but everything looks weird, too real weird. Looking people in the face when I talk to them and the details in their faces become too much to handle as if they're turning into a cartoon character of themselves yet still human.

I've also been getting vertigo and feel like I'm falling over a lot especially if I'm watching a movie with fast movement.

There's a lot of posts from years past here to look through, so any suggestions on your experience, medications, what type of doctor, websites or news articles you'd like to share I appreciate.

If I should repost this in a different area also let me know.

Thanks for any help.


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Sorry to hear this, really dreadful thing to happen and I would be genuinely angry and maybe seeking legal advice.

I'm sure you have read up plenty on hppd, but the general advice will be the same for your case... Just stay sober (including alcohol and even caffeine), eat healthy, try to exercise and just do anything you can that takes your mind off this... Movies, walks in nature.. Whatever helps. Unless the anxiety is really crippling, I would try to avoid all meds and supplements for a few months and really get to understand your baseline (most meds and supps are horseshit anyway, imho, and can make things worse). If the anxiety is crippling, try a low does of benzos for a few weeks, then see where your baseline is at... Be very careful though, benzos are highly addictive, so make sure to have a careful plan once those initial weeks are over. 

Just to note, a lot of people who visit here tend to get better, so hope is not lost... Just keep battling through these tough early weeks and see if there is any relief in your suffering.

All the best, feel free to PM me.


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Hey thanks for the response, yeah Ive read up on Hppd and the possibility of ptsd considering the reaction and horrible "trip" I had.

Im staying away from meds I know too many people who got way worse on them. I dont want to go to a psych dr cause I know theyll just want to drug me up. I went to a couple neurologists, one talked me into using topamax and I hated it so I quit it.

The anxiety is really over the top tho.

Are there any benzos that are ......um less controlling of the brain than others?

Ive seen people I know either become really weird and spacey or they act like robots on meds, any suggestions which ones are less likey to have either of those effects?

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I find clonazepam to have the least spacey effects, though high doses make me crazy tired, with terrible memory issues. I find i can take away a fair chunk of my anxiety with 1mg and can stay awake and alert on that dose.. You may not even need that amount, so if you do go down route, start low an adjust until you find the right balance between anxiety relief and becoming a zombie. 

I tend to do 3/4 days on, then 3/4 days off, with a 2 week break every couple of months.. I have done this routine for 12 years now, with no sign of addiction or tolerance. 

Good luck Jimmy, PM me if you need any advice.

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@JimmyinDetroit. if I read your original post correctly, you were dosed around Halloween, right?  If that's the case, it's been less than four months.  It can take quite a while to reset after an intense experience.  Staying clean is key to the healing process  (IMHO).  For a while I fell into the trap of using alcohol to deal with my anxiety.  Needless to say, it wasn't a long term solution.

What helped me?  Sobriety and focus.  Be it learning something new, talking to someone, raising my kids, etc. I try to stay focused on that activity.  When I'm focused, I don't notice my symptoms  (visuals mostly).  A daily meditation practice has helped with keeping my mind on task.  

Back when I was using psychedelics I was dosed without my knowledge.  Somebody thought it would be funny to dose me with a quite large and very impure form of LSD that was just awful.  Even though I was very experienced with psychedelics, it left me really shaken and paranoid.  Dosing someone without their knowledge is assault.  I'm sorry that it happened to you, it shouldn't happen to anyone.

Hang in there and take care.

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Hey, it was a year and four months ago.

Sorry I should have mentioned that, its been while worked through the worst part of it recently read about hppd and found this forum. After it happened I just drank everyday for about 6 -8 months to numb the effects, I finally quit that and trying to get over this in a healthy way.

Getting dosed behind your back is really horrible isnt it? And yeah definitely assault. This has altered my life like nothing else ever has. 

Im still really paranoid and shaken by the dumbest things, and having anxiety attacks when in moving cars.

Still trying to find the courage to go see a psych dr of some sort but dont wanna end up getting drugged up and possibly getting worse.

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The cartoon character description of people you mentioned in the 2nd time I’ve heard it. Can’t say I relate but find it curious.

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Yeah? Its like not so much a cartoon as its more like a detailed caricature drawing.

They look like real people but like say if they have a nose or ears that are larger than normal they start to appear to get larger, or if they have wrinkles it'll appear they are getting more and expand to their whole face, or if someone has a certain look about them that say reminds me of an animal, they start to look even more like that animal or if someone has a strange mannerism I become fixated on it and cant focus on anything else.

Its weird

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