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Interviewing Dr. Henry Abraham


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Hi everyone! If you haven't seen it already, several months ago I posted about creating an animated documentary about HPPD. So far, it's going great! I've finally planned a flight to meet up with Dr. Henry Abraham and wanted to ask the group if you had any questions that you'd like me to ask him during the interview. (Questions that would benefit the documentary and would help convey what HPPD sufferers face). It's pretty hard to get in touch with Dr. Abraham, as I'm sure many of you tried, (I tried myself when I first got HPPD and sent him countless emails through his website asking for help to which I received no responses to) so if you have a question you've been meaning to ask, now is your chance! I also have been looking for females to interview (either audio or video) because so far I only have males and would like more female representation if you are willing! I will be in Sarasota, Florida soon, so if anyone is nearby and would like to be filmed, let me know! And I'm currently located in Blacksburg, Virginia if anyone is close to here. 1f642.png:) Thanks for everyone's support 2764.png

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