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So I got HPPD from marijuana only like 7 years ago. Same shit floaters up the ass, visual snow, mild DP, DR is pretty much gone. I have trails, and red/blue splotches of color that just randomly appear and go away. Over the 7 yrs this really made me super depressed and have seen many doctors and specialists with no luck. The panic attacks on the weed that caused this I think internrally traumatized me too so I'm dealing with PTSD as well I believe. I reached out to Dr. Abraham who referred me to Dr Steven Locke in Massachusetts. Him, and another doctor named Dr. Kenneth Alper are collaborating to try and give me the best treatment route. Which is basically going to look like tapering me off a few meds and  introducing a benzo so I can function. Living with this condition is awful and I don't wish it on my worst enemy...If anyone wants to talk via email or phone don't be afraid to reach out to me My name is Cal  ph. 484-577-5985 and email cal.sivel13@gmail.com. I'm not new to HPPD but have left group for quite awhile so if this is against the rules I apologize.

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