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Possible Explanation for Keppra Success: MAO

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"Furthermore, LEV restored the Glu/GABA ratio to approximately the control level and significantly increased the GABA concentration after the initiation of high-K+ conditions. Based on these data, LEV treatment restored the lost balance between the excitatory and inhibitory systems under basal conditions. Moreover, LEV showed a selective effect by preferentially increasing vesicular release of GABA, a mechanism by which LEV could reduce epileptic seizures."



This isn't the first time i've come across data that shows Keppra is able to restore homeostasis to brain systems. I'm still searching for the other article I read about restoration of other systems besides inhibitory/excitatory balance. 


Since many people here appear to be in some sort of pre-epileptic state, this may be good to show your doctor if you are trying to get a prescription for keppra.

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