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I have experienced severe HPPD symptoms last 2 weeks. 

I have tripped 4 times this autumn (to treat my depression) and last time was for 2 weeks ago and have experienced the his nightmare since. 

The worst symptom is the body/head feeling. It feel so heavy. like when u are on mushrooms.

have someone experience same symptom and did that go away? 

I don’t know what to do I’m crying multiple times per day. I can’t work or do anything because of that symptom.

i experience severe visual snow and letter are shaking when I read. Slightly after image and colors are brighter too.

I have probably had HPPD last 8 years without knowing it. But only light visual snow and depersonalization from time to time.

I really need to come in contact with someone who had or still have the body/head feeling.


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Yeah, I had the exact same thing you're currently going through. My body and mind felt like a pair of anchors, or sometimes they felt too light; always shifting between the two and putting me off-balance. Thankfully after abstaining from all drugs and eating healthy (keto diet) that symptom has basically vanished for me. Can't say the same for the rest of my symptoms, but they are slowly getting better as well.

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