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Insomnia hppd

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Melatonin personally does not effect my symptoms, however some people have said they've experienced worsened symptoms with consistent melatonin use. Although I'm not sure if these claims of worsened symptoms are true, you could always test it out and see how you feel after.

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Melatonin doesn't worsen my symptoms at all as long as I get enough sleep. If I take it and don't get enough sleep I feel groggier (may be a placebo feeling though) and my symptoms are slightly worse, but not in a lasting way, just for the morning. I've used it for up to a month at a time with no noticeable worsening in symptoms. 

Also try working out hard  at least 2 hours before bed, always works for me, better than melatonin. 

Also guided sleep meditations or bedtime story videos help. That's what I used for the first bit when my symptoms were really bad and I had really bad insomnia. It get's your mind off of the bad stuff. 

Hang in there. I had insomnia for a good two months when my symptoms started, but now I sleep like a baby despite them. It gets better. 

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