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So mentally ive been very confused i feel so different. its off and on though. i do take prozac in the morning. it seems to help alot during the day but at night i dont feel good at all. i see lines and have afterimages from like phone flashlights and tvs. i just need to understand what is going on. can someone please tell me if im going crazy or is it hppd. i used to abuse acid too 13 times in 3 months and i was 15. im 16 now but thats recent. also theres no schizophrenia in my family if that changes anything. i keep getting in my head and keep thinking im schizophrenic

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No it's pretty unlikely you are developing schizophrenia, it's most likely HPPD. I see afterimages and lines all the time, which can be apart of HPPD's visual symptoms; I tend to also experience depersonalization/derealization which could be contributing to the mental confusion you are experiencing. These symptoms can worsen with stress/anxiety (especially DP/DR), and convincing yourself you have something far worse or are going crazy just heightens the problems. If you had schizophrenia, the symptoms would be far more drastic with possible false delusions and hallucinations. Is there anything else you are experiencing?

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8 hours ago, Helpme7637 said:

i do get headaches and my ears ring very occasionally. i jus feel like im going crazy

Tinnitus and headaches can also be apart of HPPD (I also get these symptoms). You aren't going crazy, you are just experiencing some of the many side effects that can come with HPPD, most likely. 

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