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Need help about permanent light sensitivity from doing acid

Plaitty Waves

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Since doing acid about 15 times, I have got light sensitivity (photosensitivity) which I'm pretty sure was caused by the acid. My pupils are chronically more dilated than they were, they still react to light but are definitely more dilated. Lights are brighter, including sunlight, and there are light trails coming off of most lights (a bit like those laser lights in nightclubs). There are streams of light coming off of screens and sometimes from windows. In low light and darkness the air is grainy. I googled it and it's called photosensitivity. I did get it a little bit before doing acid, but it has definitely got worse since doing acid (and a bit of 2cb). Someone told me they got the same thing from doing acid a lot and it's never gone away. I've had it like this for a year now.

Can anyone tell me if they think the light sensitivity and chronically dilated pupils will get worse if I do acid again? I would really love to do acid again, but don't want to make it worse. It seems like as I've already got it now it probably wouldn't make it worse, but I can't be sure. 

Also, has anyone else got this?

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Don't do fucking acid again. What you are Looking for is not in the acid experience anyways. It is something in your sober self that wants to get away hence the want to trip. If you figure that you strike the gold.

 Yes it Will get Worse. And Then you Will probably wish you didn't make it more severe. You Can also get symptoms of for example derealisation and brain Fog. And When you get that, you wish you just had some perceptial issue.

So please don't take acid for your own sake. Figure out why you want to do acid. Deep Down and Explore Your innerself sober. Then you really get the experience you are Looking for. 


Also don't say never.(this Can be tough on the Psyche). You could for example say. I Will allow my self to do acid again in 5 years, or When the visual disturbances have passed.

I know several people who had it and it went away after years of grueling inner work.

So give yourself some time!

all the best 

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On 11/19/2019 at 7:22 PM, Plaitty Waves said:

LilDoke thanks for the reply, what kind of inner work did those people do to make it go away? 

There is no recipe, everyone has to find his own way. But as it does not seem to do much harm to you, I'd say the best approach would be to just not paying attention to it. Weed can worsen it or prevent it from going away. For some people, it subsides after some weeks, months or years, for others it doesn't. For most people, every drug has it's time in their life - just like a partner, a job, sports or anything else. Life is transitory by it's definition. Sometimes it's hard to accept that you can't continue as before, but that's life.

Be thankful that you just have a slight visual component. My visual symptoms are very similar, but I suffer from heavy mood swings, 95% negative, as well. It's getting worse for 6 months now. I don't know if my whole life will consist of suffering now.

But we can both be thankful that our fate is not comparable with some others here who suffer from extreme symptoms on a daily basis. Some of them got so bad because they continued drug abuse after first symptoms occured. Be happy that your life is not ruined and that your hardest challenge is to find another hobby than tripping.

When it subsided, I'd recommend to continue abstaining at least as long as the symptoms stayed. I had warning signals and made the mistake of directly start tripping again after they subsided. You have to be extremely cautious with acid. It's a highly underestimated drug measured at the amount of suffering it can bring to your life, even if used just a very few times. When I've read about acid, it was like "latent psychoses can happen to vulnerable people, otherwise worst thing that can happen is a bad trip". One source mentioned this "extremely rare condition called HPPD". Extremely rare. I felt so trapped after I read the study by Baggot that 60% of hallucinogen users had persisting or recurring visuals. Sure, most do not (really) suffer from the symptoms, but I really don't understand why this is not one of the FIRST informations regarding expected side effects from repeated acid usage. I never wanted to have a persistent change of my visual perception and I can't understand why this information is hidden in nearly any safer use advice.


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Super cool post AlphaBeta! nicely written, and big props.

What i mean by inner work is what pretty much happens by itself when you become completely sober. It is a challenging time, and you will be constantly fighting inner demons. Fighting these inner demons is what i mean by innerwork. What i recommend is that you do not run away into another distraction. Fast food, tv, computer, music for the sake of not listening to thoughts n so on. I recommend that you pick up hobbies that let help you understand yourself better emotionally . For example painting, writing, just sitting and feeling, dancing, walking in nature, sauna. Everything is connected. So when you develop yourself emotionally and mentally, then this in itself will aid your body a lot with its recovery. Dynamic therapy helped me a lot aswell, since it lets me digest emotions and experience which i have been unable to digest before. Which makes me more whole and centered again. 

All the best 




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