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Antipsychotics, helpful or not?

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This is a very important question for me. We all know that antipsychotics can make VS Symptoms worse.

I dont have Visual Snow Syndrome symptoms. I am suffering from bad trip LSD visuals. I see patterns on the surface of objects.

So could antipsychotics be useful for my HPPD? I doubt that antipsychotics can make hallucinations worse. But has anyone experience with that?

Thank you very much.

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2 hours ago, yosoydiego said:

Both Haloperidol and risperidone have worked for some people, although be aware that many report some worsening of symptoms at the beginning of the treatment


I guess Keppra helped with DP/DR, but not with open eye visuals?

Yeah, CEVs are less and DPDR is gone. Brain fog is gone too.

But OEVs are still the same. I would consider my HPPD as gone when I finally stop seeing patterns and demons like I had on my bad trip.

I dont really have Visual Snow, after images, tracers, trailling and the "typical" hppd symptoms. 

I will start risperidone next friday in combination with Keppra and see how it goes. 

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Honestly, if you only have OEV, I'd just try to accept them, ignore them, etc.

It seems like the general opinion is that that is the best. Stressing trying to find a "cure" that doesn't exists, could be way worse, stress is the worst. And adding more medications with its side effects, also worse.

But that's just a bold opinion :)

Best of luck anyway!

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