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Getting rid of Hppd, pro neuroplasticity practice.


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Hello everyone

This is the first time I write on the forum, but I have been visiting you guys for about a year now. I have had Hppd for that same amount of time. 

I am not going to write anything about myself nor my symptoms, except it might be important to mention that i have meditated for more than half my life, in a very serious manner.

 I would like to share something, since i am deeply engaged in eradicating Hppd from my system or at least from the neuralpathways that my consciousness observes.  

Psychedelics have in many experiments shown to increase neuroplasticity. Always portrayed very positively and for good reason,  we don't generally have much plasticity.

But negative plasticity can also happen..This is a qoute from an article "Successive dosing and increasing levels of tolerance implies stress-based neuroplasticity. In the case of hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD), the subject retains some of the visual effects of hallucinogens long after the drug should have metabolized;5 persisting reactions to neural stress imply neuroplasticity. "

This resonates so much with me.

About 4 months into Hppd i started to meditate daily for 1 hour, later making it 2. In the beginning it was tougher than ever before...It was like my mind was stuck in a loop and couldn'tfind its way back to meditation. I have been doing intense retreats since the age of 11, so it should have been fairly easy. But this was more painful than ever. Anyhow i pressed on, no matter how much it hurt, because it hurt a lot when i meditated. My head hurt so much that 1 time i nearly passed out. When practicing zazen we sit with open eyes, and the visuals would become extremely intense to the point of full on tripping again.

So I pressed on day after day, and month after month. I could feel how my mind was slowly but surely breaking free from the evil spiral of Hppd. After some months the visuals when meditating died down, and the pain in the head became more bearable.   

I believe it will take quite a while consciousness to never dig into the dark channels of hppd again, maybe about 5 years. But that is fine. 

I believe that Hppd can be reversed with neuroplasticity.

I will practice things that improve my neuroplasticity consistently and forcefully.

Drawing, writing, dancing, learning a new language, training/yoga, daily meditation/zazen, proper sleep, playing a new instrument and so on.

Good luck to all of you! 




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