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Ask your parents and grand parents

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Many people are shy to talk about it, because they are afraid that their symptoms are due to mental illness.

Open up and ask your family, parents, brothers, grand parents if they ever had the following visual snow syndrome symptoms

- seeing snow-like dots all over the visual field. 

- continuing to see an image after it is no longer in the field of vision

- impaired night vision  and seeing images from within the eye itself

-  seeing small floating objects or flashes of light.

- migraines,

- ringing in the ears (tinnitus),

- tremors, `- balance problems , vertigo and fatigue.

- feeling of detached from themselves or from the world around them (depersonalization).

- anxiety and depression.

- All began in young adulthood or after drug intake.

These are all common symptoms in HPPD and Visual Snow Syndrome.

Please, take some time to ask and report it here. 

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My dad has tinnitus.

My mom has anxiety and depression.

They've never done drugs.

My sister gets visual snow when rubbing her eyes (but I guess that's not completely unnormal after psychedelics use).

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