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New here with Mild HPPD


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Hi all,

About 3 weeks ago I took a tab of acid measuring at 150 ug. I had previously done this twice before over the course of three weeks - a month. Each trip was marvellous, I had zero stress and had a great time start to finish.


Yesterday though, I have begun to experience extremely slight visual snow. This is my only symptom save slight after-flashes (which may be normal anyhow.) 

At first I thought it was something stress-related, since I have a history of anxiety. However, after having a single cone of bud last night, the symptoms became much worse, so much so I found it hard to see cause the static was so thick. 

I've woke up to luckily find the Visual Snow has reduced back to baseline, but it still has not got away. I have been taking lion's mane ever since, and I hope it helps. 

Given my good history with lsd (no ods, no bad trips, no stress) and my SLIGHT symptoms, is it fair to say I have a good chance of recovery if I stay off all drugs for the next 6-12 months?

Thank you very much, I wish you all a speedy recovery. 

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Yah, definitely, you have a far greater chance of recovery, nothing is guaranteed here however, as rarely anything is in medicine. You'll really just have to wait it out and see. By the way, don't be a dope and try hallucinogens again if the symptoms recede, you're clearly vulnerable to HPPD, doing more drugs could put you here indefinitely, and the symptoms can be far worse than you describe, take some time to find new hobbies and other things you enjoy in life, and live life happily. FYI my visual snow eventually went away and has never come back, though I do get very slight reminiscences of it if I drink a lot of caffeine etc. My HPPD clearly was worse than yours though. 

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From my experiences with hppd the only real cure is time and avoiding getting high. With time, it’s like your brain rebuilds itself making the hppd symptoms more mild. But it is a process and takes time, you will definitely have to be patient it doesn’t happen over night. It can take even years to finally start feeling like a normal person again. 

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If there is one thing on this forum that we can never say enough is to stay away from all drugs. Even caffeine and nicotine.

And weed is a huge no no. Mind you that because of the acid I took, I can no longer enjoy the weed that I used to love so much. Go look up a few posts about DP/DR, you will rapidly lose the wish to get high, trust me.

If only I knew... If only we all knew...

Get good amounts of sleep, go out and have fun (without drugs), go to the gym, all these things help.

I wish you all the best and hope that you will get rid of this truly awful disorder. 

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Hey all, thanks for the responses! 

I am already feeling a bit better. There is still static, but it is either not as noticeable/or actually has receded. Despite what you all said about bud (and rightly so)  I DID have a small puff of a joint today, but luckily I found the bud didn't effect me like it did a week ago. The static was a little worse, but manageable. Far better then then near-blindness last time. Despite this lil hiccup I'll try to abstain long term. Don't want to get overconfident. 

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