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Stress and Visual Symptoms


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How severely can stress affect visual symptoms? I had little to no symptoms for 13 years (didn't affect my life at all) and after a period of stress about 3/4 months ago (which continues) my symptoms have totally and utterly exploded. Even during the day people's faces are covered with static. Huge Halo's/starburts even during the day. This has essentially rendered me non-functional. 4 months ago I was travelling the world with my job in a high paced career. I now find it difficult to go to the supermarket/leave the house.

Currently taking lamictal at 200mg a day but it is doing nothing. I have some clonazpam and use it 2x a week maybe .25/.5mg. 

Some advice would be appreciated. I'm falling apart and need some quality of life back...

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Yea, stress is second only to drug taking in terms of making your symptoms worse, imho. Thankfully, my stress related spikes have always gone to baseline sooner or later (after a death in the family, I spiked badly for probably 6 months).

Main advice is to try and reduce that stress wherever possible. Also, with the low dose clono you take, you could move up to 3-4 days a week without too much risk too, as long as they are 3-4 days in a row, then 3-4 days off (this is just my personal view though, always worth speaking to a doctor first).

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