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The reality of my situation from an old timer in a rough patch

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I have to accept my situation. There is no known cure or treatment for HPPD or DP/DR. For a lot of people it’s a lifelong condition. It’s a disability. I have to accept this.
I can have and have had a happy and full life.
I’ve been struggling with this for over 20 years. In that time my HPPD and DP/DR hasn’t changed much. My reaction to it has, which has resulted in periods of spiked anxiety and negative thinking as well as periods of great happiness and productivity.
Since there is no cure or treatment for my root issue, I have to focus on the things I can treat - such as anxiety and negative thinking.
Nobody knows what the future holds, there may be new treatments or medicines that can help me in the future.

Things That Don’t Help

Scouring the internet for stories similar to mine in an attempt to get reassurance.
Reading forums about HPPD or DP/DR while searching for magical cures and panicking about the horror stories that other people post.
Laying around and having unstructured time to ruminate.
Feeling guilty or ashamed of my situation 
Panicking, obsessing, and catastrophizing about my situation 
Letting negative thoughts take over and distort my reality 
Feeling sorry for myself and crying about it 

Things That Do Help

Distraction and staying busy.
Having something to look forward to.
Talking with my wife
Clonazepam when things get really tough.
CBD Oil for anxiety
Hot baths

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Great post, agree with every word. I think the make or break for us long termers is to get the right mindset. Discard negative emotions, cast aside self blame and loathing. Focus on the things we still can do.

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Totally agree with the "things that do work".  Staying busy and setting goals can help the mind get focused.  Sure worked for me, especially raising kids.  We all needs something to look forward to.  There's nothing better than anticipation when something fun is coming up.  I have an understanding wife as well.  She understands that I'm out there.  Your wife sounds like a wonderful person.  CBD helps me sleep which reduces anxiety.  Who doesn't enjoy a hot bath?

You're figuring this out.  That's fantastic!  

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