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Mechanism Paper Discussion with images (for future use)

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In conclusion, the results of this study emphasize the importance of GABA–5-HT interactions (GABA - SEROTNIN RECEPTOR) and the role of these interactions in the pathophysiology of psychosis, dissociative states, and anxiety. gamma-aminobutyric acid deficits might predispose to the production or exacerbation of psychosis and perceptual alterations in the context of serotonergic activation, and this mechanism might apply to several disorders where GABA deficits have been described. Furthermore, the findings of this study lend support to the notion that dysfunction within a network involving several neurotransmitters might underlie the pathophysiology of psychosis and dissociative-like perceptual states.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid-ergic deficits might increase the vulnerability to the psychotomimetic and perceptual altering effects of serotonergic agents. These data suggest that interactions between GABAA and 5-HT systems might contribute to the pathophysiology of psychosis and dissociative-like perceptual states.


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