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Bright light makes it worse


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Does anybody else have hppd that gets worse in bright light. It feels like most people have trouble with dark rooms, but are better in natural light. Most of my symptoms go away in a dim or dark room, but are pretty bad in the bright light. Sumner has been kind of tough, because the days are so long and bright. I have to wear sunglasses all the time, or else I have a hard time keeping my eyes open without severe anxiety. Is anybody else similar/ does anybody have any solutions other than sunglasses. 

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I have a research study protocol designed to test aspects of this. The brain handles the compensation of the excess signals to help you adapt to your environment.

First, wearing Sunglasses is one of the great pieces of advice that I cant stress enough. Blue blockers and anti glare can reduce the amount of stimuli reaching your eye, which dampens the range of signal strength you brain has to process

 For example, a Strobe Light in a Dark Space is AWFUL. This is from the rapid cycling of strong on signal and off signal. 


In bright Sunlight, when I am reading a book with the Sun against my back, on many occasions the black text turned green as bright green ink. 

Some users hate the darkness, and the reason is similar in theory. When the brain is not receiving visual information, if it expects something or is overactive it will create images and/or this is a time it is easiest to focus k  the symptoms. I would cry, and beg just to see a plain black wall. As it stands, I am not counting on that happening, but this is one line of research I whole like to explore. 

Copy of kozin 8032B.pdf

This is one invoice for a purchase I was readying for research. 

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