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New here! Got HPPD from substance abuse over about 4 months


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Hello everyone here, I've only had HPPD for 2 (or 6, depending on how you slice it) months. I had very mild HPPD from my substance abuse which lasted and gradually worsened over a period of about 4 months. The first 4 months it was very minor and manageable, but after one particularly bad trip it got to where it is today. The visual snow I have now can be very powerful especially in dark environments, and in the dark it gets incredibly intense, and I can see sometimes intense visuals. Ive only had it really badly for about 2 months so have come here to look for help and see people who have this condition as well.

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Welcome.  You've come to the right forum.  What you're dealing with is reminiscent of many of the posts in this fourm.  You're in good company.

I have a few suggestions.  

Early hppd like symptoms can moderate over time, but be patient.  It can take a while.   You may just be experiencing the "aftershocks" following your last trip.  Stay away from psychedelics including cannabis.  You mentioned that your symptoms are mild now.  It can get much worse with continued drug use.  Try not to focus on your symptoms.  Instead, focus on your life, school, work, etc.  There are quite a few people in this forum who have lived successful and happy lives with hppd.  Try to be optimistic.

I'm not trying to suggest you have hppd.  I'm not qualified to do that.  I'm no expert and I'm not a doctor.  I'm just someone who has had this disorder for a long time.

Hang in there, and take care.

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Foolish typing
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Mad Doc gives great advice. I can tell you that your choice of grammar for your post's subject already tells me -- I am recalling many years of people giving an introduction -- you said something that puts you in a group that has the best outlook.

What is it? You used exclamation marks, but just to say Hi. Not like "My life is ending!!!" But "New Here!!"

It may seem like a small observation, but if I have to make a judgement this is telling. It goes along with how well you are doing for your time frame and this is a great indicator. 


- dk

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