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Any help is greatly appreciated HPPD

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Hello I did lots of different drugs at pretty high doses and smoked tonnes of weed since 16. I am now 19 and have quit drugs for 3 months and my HPPD hasn’t improved and always intense. I’m pretty upset I can’t even smoke weed now or I get full blown lsd type visuals and any drug worsens it (haven’t tried benzos)

My questions are -

What are the best medications? And how can I get them prescribed (Doctors where I live know nothing about hppd and I know what can happen if you take medication without precaution)

What are the best non-over the counter supplements you can buy that relieves Hppd symptoms

Whats a good routine to get into, (starting to gym and starting to like going outside away from electronics)

Finally what’s a job that doesn’t drive me crazy having severe Hppd and I can enjoy. 

Any info and as much info is greatly appreciated thanks. 



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In my case the disorder healed in two months with risperidone and paroxetine. Paroxetine acting upon anxiety and risperidone over visual distortions. Well you know the risk of self-medicating, do not do that, I had facial spasms with only 3 days of use of quetiapine (prescribed by shrink). Doctors actually know about the disorder, but since it is something very recent and vague hardly anyone is diagnosed with it, even because sequels of psychedelic drugs are not the only reason for the cause of false visual perceptions or other senses without loss of lucidity. So go to the psychiatrist anyway, because only then will you get these medications and then heal. Other than this, physical activities are great for diverting your focus from the problem, but the visual symptoms will only disappear with treatment using remedies. I also suggest meditation and some artistic activity such as writing, drawing, playing an instrument, etc. And also temporary abolition of coffee, alcohol and cigarette consumption.

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Try taking omega 3 fatty acid supplements. They help reduce my visual Symptoms. The best way to get omega 3 fatty acids is through fish oil supplements, flax seed oil, chia seeds, and canola oil. I personally go with flax seed oil. Magnesium supplements can reduce visual symptoms. Some people have success with taking valerian root tinctures; but there are some strange side effects with some people who take it. CBD supplements really help with mood and help with the mental symptoms of hppd. L The proper dose for CBD is between 20-100mg per serving. (20-30mg is the threshold level to get the medical benefits and the 50-100mg range is where you get more of a sedation-like effect. Drinking chamomile tea can help with mental symptoms if things start to seem panicky. B-12 supplements can help to reduce stress. Meditation helps. 

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