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Attention! Caution! Do not take pregabalin!

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Sorry for the english, i'm writing through google translate

I have HPPD 5 years. My visual symptoms were minimal. I suffered because of dp, dr and anxiety.

After abrupt cancellation of Pregabalin (took 450mg per day, 10 days), my HPPD increased by 3.4 times. These are visual symptoms (snow, trails, movement of objects). 

Then I started taking Lamotrigine, which improved my visual symptoms by 30%. (especially removed the movement of objects). Returned direct thinking. I want to try Keppru.

Be careful when taking medication and cancellation!

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Hey Vladchik, if your noticing improvement with lamotrigine this early on, I would recommend strictly taking it and nothing else.

If your noticing an improvement, there's a good chance that over the course of the next 6 months to a year that your hppd could go away completely, especially if you can get yourself up to 200mg daily.

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I am tormented by dr, dp and anxiety. Lamotrigine does not cure these simptons ... I want to try Keppru because he cure dr and dp. I slowly reduce the doses of Lamotrigine and will try Keppry (when completely canceling lamotrigine). 

Before the increase by simptoms i forgot that i have HPPD (because the visual effects were small), Pregabalin increased visual symptoms. Now i live in hppd hell. I write this to keep other people safe. Maybe it will help in the study of HPPD. 

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