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Does keppra really work?

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Keppra will reduce the feeling of depersonalization and derealization from your body. For some it cures them completely.

If you find that you suffer from allot of brain fog or the feeling like you spend allot of time just sitting there and 'observing' your hppd, then keppra is a good option because after about a month of being on it you'll notice you spend much less time doing that. I won't expect miracles in terms of your actual hppd, but if you're more or less coping with it well enough, keppra can be a good option that can allow you to recover more completely.


If you do do keppra, start at 500mg/day for the first month and see how you feel, then if you find that it's helping you, gradually increase to 1000/mg a day and see how you feel.


Im currently on 1000/mg a day.

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Definitely not. There is no instantaneous cure for HPPD. I will say though that I feel much better being on keppra than not being on it, with HPPD I seem to go through some depressive episodes when my improvement becomes stagnant. Keppra has enough of an effect on HPPD that it for the most part eliminates those depressive episodes. 

For me, keppra makes me feel like I’m doing something about my HPPD rather than just leaving it be.

I take 500 mg of keppra twice daily, and .1mg of clonidine in the morning, this combination works great. 

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