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Can you guys sleep well with HPPD?

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Hey guys, how're u? I found out that I have hppd some weeks ago  after I came back from 2 psychedelics festivals in Europe, unfortunately I cant event smoke weed anymore without tripping, It's like coming up on acid every time, and  weed now gives me a scary feeling even though im not scared,  those things dont bother me that much the only problem is to sleep, I've been feeling like I never sleep enough because my mind is always active, I've been taking a long time to get to sleep because I feel my eyes moving and creating visuals inside of my head all the time, and sometimes I wake up because of some visuals, how did u guys get used to it, do u guys sleep well? Do u guys do something which really help u? I would like to try anything,  I would also like to know If weed can be normal again. ( didnt have any bad trip I did have the best weeks of my life in those festivals)

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If weed is doing that to you, perhaps take a break?  I'm not trying to tell you what to do.  A reset might not hurt.  If you feel you have hppd after a few weeks after dosing, that might not be what you're dealing with.  Dosing can make regular experiences seem intense.  Thought patterns can change, world view, your place in the universe, etc.  That's not hppd.  Disclaimer: I'm no expert or a medical professional.

Friendly advice, stay clean for a couple months, determine where you are,  and move forward.

I still go out to hear shows, and go to psychedelic events.  However,  I don't indulge.  I'm weird enough already.

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Thanks bro I might have overreacted to It. The last festival finished about 1 month ago and I probably had about 10 trips within 2 week (different psychedelics). I abused a lot thats why I thought It could be hpdd. I just must be really sensitive because of psychedelics. 

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