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For anybody still out there.. looks like dk let this board go into ruins... this use to be a community with(as even dr abrahm said which I feel is the only good thing or thought that came out that antidrug prick) is that the patient knows more then the doctor..words every Pdoc should take to heart..... This place use to have a good debate in the 90's.. back then and in to the melenium I was very propsychedelic so ost my shit was trip reports....


look.. ive had true hppd since I was 13.. and every few weeks ill prolly come check and answer and questions.... imold now and have diff opinions then I use to , kinda even feel bad for all the shit I use to give people....but in the end.. my side of the debate had a point..


HPPD can be confused with many things..... THE PRIMARY SYMPTOMS are illusions of movment, Tracers, Seeing color, Psychedelia art all over your visual perception.. and synesthesia (where even touch can produce afterimages).. etc … most of us have a Anxiety issues … Panic disorder, agoraphobia.... going outside and being social is a SENSORY OVERLOAD... for the majority.. 


the moderator and anyone who says I don't know what im talkin bout, listen to them and move on cause they care.. im just droping info cause I care about the community , I was raised with.. all seem to be gone now.. but I been here a few weeks so to speak... so ya might wana hear me out..


DP/DR can be confused with many conditions as well... shit burn out on pot ull have the classic symptoms.. THESE DISORDERS ARE VERY EASY TO PUT INTO YOUR MIND AS THE CAUSE OF YOUR ISSUE. but trust.... you may just be in a state where your seeking for answers and just putting similar to drugs mindstate..


This is to say, HPPD IS RARE I hope you don't have it, most prolly don't... its so fucking rare... that even tho its a DSM condition...many question its existence even in the psychedelic community(prolly cause they don't wana stop) and even many professionals think we are..





Mental Conditions are secondary. 

Ive got all kinda mental problems.. HPPD was the CATALYST. That lead over the decades to severe anxiety and psychosis.. the hppd hasn't got worse.. but living with it for ages can really get to you.. the anxiety starts first.. around the same year.. then antisocial behavior.. then I self medicated and cant say it was all hppd, cause I dabbled in every substance to man to an extreme from 18on, im 34, about 35. so ive nearly spent half my life self-medicating etc... 

HPPD People, if you have it, never use stimulants.. it lead to a combo disorder combrid? Psychosis became perm.. and HPPD as always is the major Catalyst to everything ive done in the last 20 years.. I use to brush it off... but man when you get this old you realize... that a stable picture....man...thatd e a real trip...


so as you sit in the muck, take care of yourself.. if you believe to def have hppd… psychiatric drugs.... ALC and benzos are the only things that help.... everything else.... psychiatry wise(antipsychotics mad me crazier Invega, Halidol, Latudia) fucked my mind up worse made me calm but just ….bored. hard to overcome that... ssri and snris - trycyclic antidepressiants trazadone and doxepin etc.. just don't do what they say... they don't even know how in the end they are suppose to help, all they got is clinical trial data that trust me in 20 years will be laughed at.. so try hard... to just relax... learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable.. don't fight it.. it won already... learn to enjoy ur eccentric nature and you can get by...


its a hard road.... id say more but I need to sleep.. so everyone talk shit and I may be back to answer.. 


love and hope to you all.. 



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Most of the post is good,, not sure the need for the first couple of sentences?

The internet has changed... People don;t use forums much any more, things like reddit and facebook are have far more active hppd communities now. That's the nature of the beast. I pay to keep this running more for the history of the posts that hopefully help lurkers and newcomers.

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This site has been huge for me.  For decades I thought I alone was cursed with this condition.  I go through life with a collage of visuals and man, that ain't normal.  The people I used to dose with done report any thing like what I got sacked with.  I don't internet much but this site allows me to communicate with others facing this disability  (ability?).  I think the moderator does a nice job.  Again, glad the site is here, and seems to be humming along nicely.

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