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HPPD at 14


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Hello, new to this forum. I am 14 years old and have hppd. I know that at such a young age it's stupid and dangerous to use psychedelics, I thought that I would not face the possible consequences, but i did. I hate myself for being such a stupid self-confident kid.

It all started 1,5 month ago, when I took 60ug lsd (that was my first trip) and smoked weed during the trip, I got a panic attack (I felt that I had gone crazy) and fell asleep. The next week I had insomnia, panic attacks, severe anxiety and visual disturbances (floaters, photophobia, starbusting and halos). Now I feel a little better, but still have a strong anxiety, obsessive thoughts, visuals, and vivid dreams (kind of scary), but I dont have depersonalization/derealization. Is this real HPPD? 
 I want to try lamotrigine(i heard that it helps), tranquilizers and antidepressants to ease the symptoms, but I wonder about my age. Should I try or should I wait some time?

sorry for my bad grammar and english, i used a google translate.


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I started getting hppd symptoms at 14.  My first memory of this was seeing a vine and a flower form on speaker fabric after smoking some weed.  I think if I had stopped taking drugs at that point it probably would have cleared up.  At 14, your brain is still elastic.  If you stop using drugs, including weed now, your chances of contracting hppd are greatly reduced.  I can't tell if you have hppd.  You may just have "post dose" anxiety.   I continued dosing from 14 to 20.  I'm nearing 60 and I have visuals that will probably never go away.  Don't beat yourself up, take action.  Get clean and reach for what you would really like to do in life.  


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