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Medications that could help? I'm 16


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Hey all i'v been on here before, and i used LSD and that caused my HPPD, my visual symptoms (visual snow, tracers in low lighting, floaters, dots of light) arent nearly as bad as my other symptoms (derealization, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, depression, constant, unending deja vu) it makes me feel like im in a fake reality, and soon, ill wake up in my bad trips, not just like, the trip itself, but only the bad part, as if it actually happened.

Any-who, i'm gonna make a visit to a psychiatrist and see if i can get help from them, and, while i know its not the best idea considering my age, i was wandering about any potential medication to take? I'v heard Lexapro, Keppra, and others have helped before, but i was wandering because of my age, which would be the best, and which could be the worst?

Thank you guys for answers

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