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any advice?


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Hello, i am just a guy who recently tried weed. i did this about 2 months ago and it was not the best experience, i was very curious about weed and i decided to try it, the first couple times where fun and seemed nice but later on it got intense and i had a couple very bad trips so i decided that weed was not for me and i stopped smoking it. i had depersonalization and anxiety after i stopped. i got over that but i got more intense visual snow (i have had visual snow since i was a kid) and i have the weirdest dreams and i looked up some stuff and found out that i might have hppd. i sometimes get random panic moments and i see weird visual snow patterns forming and i just feel very weird and usually bad, sometimes these expiriences are interesting and fun. i kinda feel that they come and go, sometimes i will go a week feeling normal and good and the next i will have anxiety and intense visual snow. do you guys have any info on how long this last and if i can get rid of it or control it?


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I can't say about how long it will last, however what I can say is to not take any drugs, sleep well and try to distract yourself once you start noticing the snow.

There is no real way of getting rid of it apart from waiting.

The weird dreams are normal I think, I've been having them since HPPD settled in. Weird is one thing but they feel very real. Colors, sounds, smells and touch, I can feel/see all of those in my sleep.

Stay strong my friend, it will subside eventually. 

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First off relax and don't focus on the symptoms too much.  If you've only smoked weed a few times, things will probably level out given some time.  As the previous post said, be patient.  It can take a while.  Try to stay focused.  For me being focused really helps.  School, a hobby, reading, etc.  Keep the brain engaged.  Personally, I can't touch cannabis.  It's not for everybody.  You've learned that weed isn't for you, and fortunately, you learned this early on.  I wish I had done the same with my psychedelic use.  Hang in there and take care.

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