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Naltrexone +non hallucinogenic psychedelics treated/ cured me

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 So I’ve had a lot of issues with a lot of mental disorders in the past. When I was 19 I had a terrible acid trip, I was probably previously mentally ill but this made it 1 billion times worse and made my HPPD pretty bad to at that time. Fast forward a lot of treatment centers rehabs and mental hospital visits, I’m diagnosed schizoaffective bipolar type.   Well I continue tripping on drugs because I still had the urge to and I was crazy.  In May 2014 I was taking Abilify maintena and I took 5 g of shrooms, added some alcohol, and on the come down, well I didn’t get messed up enough because of the abilify blocking it , Besides they were some dirty shrooms I describe them as, I just think they were the brown shrooms, kind of like the brown acid from Woodstock. 


So the story goes I drank  2 cups of coffee and it really messed me up. The other drugs were trying to put me to sleep, while the coffee was keeping me awake.  It was worse than my acid trip at 19 when people broke into my house and started fucking with me.   People said things like he’s not here and he’s permatripping and etc...  for the individual it just feels like overwhelming anxiety and feelings of tripping all the time. It was terrible. I couldn’t drive. Couldn’t talk. Could hardly do anything. Was so messed up. Went to rehab. Suffered with this bad for a year and a half. Naturally I craved drinking alcohol to ease the anxiety even though in the long run probably made it worse. So I got prescribed naltrexone for my alcoholism because it was getting real bad. 


Naltrexone instantly made me feel much better. Thicker skin , less anxiety, less depressed, drinking cravings so much less.  So This was dec of 2015 I took naltrexone every day since. 


Well i I tried smoking weed again months after I took naltrexone and it gave me a panic attack still but not as bad. Well I noticed that when I sobered up the anxiety wasn’t as bad anymore. I continued to smoke weed very moderately until June of 2017. When I became a habitual smoker again. But I’m the meantime I had an ecstasy binge and that made it so I could drive again. The naltrexone in combo with the ecstasy.  June 2017 I became a habitual smoker again. Also in June 2017 I started Zoloft which had a positive interaction with the naltrexone and abilify. I should mention I’ve been taking klonopin as a temporary help for the panic disorder. But 1 mg a day wasn’t enough to drive. Now I take .25 every other day. And am very functional. But the thc daily made my anxiety better. I’ve quit all drugs now Because I don’t need the marijuana anymore to feel better, just the daily naltrexone. I live in a sober house and I’m 20 days sober today. I also did some ketamine in past year which was helpful although it made me throw up because the naltrexone makes my stomach sensitive I figured. That’s the only knock on naltrexone for me is it makes your stomach slightly sensitive.  But I could do anything today, life is great! I’ve been through a lot but every touch of grey has a Silverlining to me these days, because life gets better by the day. I can’t complain about anything after all I’ve been humbled to experience and still make it out probably better mental health then I’ve ever had !




bad trips—>hppd—->couldn’t drive or talk——>alcoholism—->naltrexone—->mix in weed, ketamine or mdma—->continue taking naltrexone——>best mh I’ve ever had—->sober house now


life is a miracle:)



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