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2 realities? (urgent)

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Hi, im new to this, so, bear with me with any mistakes

So, in April, i tried LSD at a friends house, 340ug, too much for my first time and had a blackout, on saturday night i took 40ug, smoked a lot of weed, and was feeling like i was back in my first trip, as in, i felt like i was at my friends house, and because of the blackout, i was tripping out and they had to call the police, or a neighbor heard me being loud, and now it feels like everything i hear or do is actually happening out there, at my friend house, with police, and my family screaming and crying. Everything i hear sounds familiar, like ive already heard it. Even now as i type this, the TV in the living room sounds like my mom, dad, and police, i dont know what to do, i dont think ive heard of HPPD symptoms like this. What do i do? help please

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Ive told my mom about it, yes, but, i wouldnt say its psychosis, as psychosis is complete loss of reality, if ive read up on it, properly. TBH, what i think is happening is DPDR related, the DPDR being where the deja vu comes from, and the derealization being where me having thoughts of this being fake, and still being in my 1st trip, it could have something to do with PTSD as well, im not sure, but i dont think its psychosis

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