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HPPD Case Studies


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Hello all,

I haven't done much research on this on my own but I was wondering if anyone knows where studies are being conducted on HPPD. I'm moving to Boston soon and thought maybe a University or other institution in the area might be conducting a study and require participants, monitor brain activity and what not. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Just google it and you will find a couple. Most of them are from single users that report their disturbances to physicians and the physicians document the information/findings. 

Tbh I dont think there are going to be many due to governmental regulations on the scheduled substances known to lead to HPPD.

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There’s actually a resurgence of studies being done with psychedelics for therapeutic purposes. Sadly, these groups choose to ignore HPPD. There is a study in final irb review. Talks with a serious philanthropist are underway. Testing site may include London , Australia and America, specifically Baltimore.

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