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Keppra vs. Briviact


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Can someone a little more knowledgeable explain why you would choose Keppra over it's analogue Briviact when Briviact has less side effects and a 20 fold more affinity for the same MoA?

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Do they have the same exact MoA? I thought it was just that briv had 20 Times potency for inhibiting sv2a. We don’t know why keppra works for hppd. It might be the sv2a inhibition or it might be something completely else. My experience with researching keppra was that all the research is for epilepsy, and was centered around a few MoA for the drug. It’s possibly that keppra does other things in the brain and the pharma company wasn’t even looking there. In fact, I would say if you are correct that briv has fewer sides but is more powerful, reasoning says it probably has different moas from keppra. 


That being said, if you try one and it doesn’t work, why not try the other. 


Racetams are very weird drugs. They’ve been studied, but not enough imo. I would love to see more work done with them to create other compounds for healing.

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