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Advice on dealing with “timelessness”, inability to think ahead, organization


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Hi all,

ill keep this short as I tend to praddle on...

I am having a hard time distinguishing what day of the week it is, what time of day, and my cognition is almost non existent. I also suddenly have poor coordination and my arms and hands feel at times like lead. I don’t understand the world completely.

in order to continue trying different treatments I have to work so I can stay with my folks. I am currently employed but am worried I won’t be able to maintain my job.

I have to be able to have a basic mental map-a sense of sequencing. Yet I’ve, as of now, lost that ability. It’s like I am not “locked in” to my day.

I know these things take time just any advice would be very much appreciated if you’ve ever dealt with such symptoms.

thanks a million

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I have more of s difficult time say buttoning my shirt or even opening a zip bloc bag. It’s like my fine motor skills have gone down quite a bit along with slight depth perception issues. Honestly I felt pretty good on Sinemet but Inhad similar issues so I had to stop. My balance also feels wonky. 

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Thats actually really interesting. Sounds like you very well may be having issues with your cerebellum. Per chance are you on lithium?? Any other medications? I would recommend seeing a doctor about this. The two things you are describing are directly linked to cerebellum issues. Do you have an vertigo per chance?

HPPD can cause issues the same as well.

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Hi ,

Thanks I have both an eeg (which of course is as good as nothing in this case) and an MRI (also normal). 

To be honest it’s hard to gauge where I am at the moment as far as how dp’d I am. The modafinil definitely caused me panic/hyper awareness but as I calmed down-I realized I could still work and socialize almost just as well as I could before. Maybe the initial heaviness in my legs (day when I run) is me being more grounded in a body I’ve been “out of” for almost seven months. I don’t feel that trippy feeling as strongly unless I focus on it. My cognition is shit and has been since the HPPD and as for the “timeless” feeling-well since the ssri flare up I had to force myself into a strict schedule-when things were mild my life was a bit more fly by night.

The feeling less “locked in” also happened on Sinemet and also gave me the body coordination stuff but it also gave me this warm feelings to be annoyingly vague.

I don’t know where I am on the spectrum or how far away I am from my baseline (past still seems fake) but as of now I’m doing okay. Maybe forcing my interests is taking me out of them.

thanks for your replies and advice 

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