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Modafinil spike


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Hi folks, 


well after about 6 months of riding out an ssri spike I had managed to be able to cope with my new dp/dr symptoms. I could enjoy music, do the odd Netflix “ binge watch” and, crucially, start to think I could maybe move out of my folks house in a few months. 


Unfortunately moving out for me was conditional-I did not want to live in a lily white retirement gated community working fast food (I’m 27) with my folks  but I did not want to go and bring the dp out into my new life either. I thought not cure but improvement. I got massively into cardio and eating right. Though I also tried Keppra, Lamotrigine and Sinemet with Sinemet seeming to help the most and I was not on Lamictal near long enough to evaluate. I had also set up some neurofeedback appointments that are upcoming.

i am wary to just put any old pill into my mouth-but I had read some promising anecdotes from some HPPDeers on success reducing dp/dr using Modafinil. So I figured how about I try something that may improve me just a bit more so I can get off of Planet  flipping burgers And living with folks. I don’t know if Modafinil spiked my anxiety which sent my dp/dr into overdrive but it’s been hell. I no longer have any sense of time-my cognition and ability to plan is all but gone. Coordination is noticeably worse. I can’t ignore my “alien” voice like I used to be able to, my coordination is horrible and I can’t get carried away by a good book or film. That’s all out the window as of now. 

I’ve tried forcing these activities but it’s like words and images just fall into my eyes and I either don’t care or can’t follow. If I can’t hold together this, as of last week, job so easy a monkey with a spatula could do it my folks will be showing me the door.

To quote Gilbert O’Sullivan

”Such is life or so they say”

Any advice would be much appreciated. 

Be well

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Yah I'm not exactly familiar with anyone recommending Modafinil for HPPD, whoever did is.... well they know nothing about Modafinil lol. It sounds to me as well that you're doctor is probably not familiar with HPPD. You probably jolted your neurons quite a bit.

How long have you had HPPD for?

You'll have to give it some time. Things will probably calm back down but it will probably take a while.

Sorry youre living with you're parents. Maybe you should try finding better employment if possible.

Also I didn't see that you had tried benzos? Benzo are usually the first line of prescription by doctors for this. They act directly on the GABA receptors. I also personally recommend lemon balm. I would always take it instead of the benzos when I could get away with it. Just get it in the dropper bottles and dose accordingly to your level of symptoms.

Also in the future, its good practice to anything you take that you have never taken before is to take it in small quantities and work your way up. So like with the modafinil it would have been good to take just a quarter of the smallest dose possible. Then half, etc.

Hope this helps you out.

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thanks for your reply...I did cut the dose in half but alas that was too much. I read a post on tapatalk recommending modafinil for reducing dp/dr (as it’s been linked to high theta and I also get flashes of old dreams and memories all the time)

I also got the idea reading an old post by former member Onedayillsailagain about how it helped his dp a bit.

I had mild hppd for about six years. Back in August I had taken a low dose of an SSRI (I had been on years before with no issue) -went to bed and woke fully depersonalized. I had been planning on moving and proceeded to move anyway and tried to make it work but reluctantly had to go back and live with my folks after a month. 

I feared I had permanently worsened my formerly mild condition but got some assurance that ssri may of just spiked me for a while. I hope this even worse modafinil spike goes down as I don’t think I will be able to function at this level for long period. Yikes



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1 tab of LSD  about six years ago. A few weeks after I started noticing some light geometric patterns on the wall and at night road signs would ghost a bit but I thought nothing of it. A few months after that I took one ssri in the afternoon (for ocd) and later that night when I went to bed I woke up with this panic as if I was on something. My first thought was serotonin syndrome but that doesn’t make any sense with one pill. I eventually calmed down and felt normal. Maybe some months after that I remember closing my eyes and seeing a star and thinking that was strange. Then I realized I could not hold a visual image still in my mind like on the trip. Also certain objects looked like they had personalities almost (even though logically I knew this was an illusion). I also got the childhood memory mind pops often before sleep. The getting tripped out by objects and mind pops faded but the typical visual noise, cognitive fog and after images stayed. 

I was upset at first but things were mild and I actually found my semi psychedelic mind quite charming. 

I was ssris for OCD over the years after the HPPD and no issues what so ever. I experienced DP only upon waking from naps or rarely from bed. Maybe three times in four years. I also would lucid dream effortlessly only during naps. All in all I had a happy life.

Until last August after that one ssri and then, as stated, I woke up and the DP stayed. 

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