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Is it worth going and getting diagnosed?

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Hey guys, i am 18 years of age and have taken LSD 50-60 times last year. I have recently noticed that i may have HPPD and as wondering if its even worth going to a psychiatrist about it. They wont be able to cure me and it will be on my medical record and may prevent my future plans. I hope someone can help me about what to do.

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Wow thats A LOT of LSD.... I recommend slowing down for a bit! I always heard that hallucinogens really shouldnt be taken more than 3 times a year with two months in between dosages. If you study some of the effects they have on the brain, it really seems like its the safest thing to do. 


If you have HPPD using more will make it worse. It's not that bad now but that can change very fast.


I would say It's never a bad idea to go to a doctor. It cant hurt (well as long as its simple diagnostic work and you are not prescribed anything). Never a bad idea to rule out a brain tumor XD. I doubt you'll find anything though.

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