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Is this HPPD?


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At NYE I took 2 lines of mephydrone and 3 hours later started dividing 220mg xtc.

Had a really bad comedown which didn’t go away completely. I dont have the same amount of energy, my mind is a bit slower and when I do labour I get brain fog and a part of my face gets numb/painfull. Also I’m a bit sensitive to light and there’s a little bit of visual snow. Not like a vs simulator but when I stare at a wall, didnt even notice the first few months. Now lately I discovered some bright moving points and maybe some little black things like eyelashes when looking at the blue sky in the afternoon. When its really bright. Are those a symptom of hppd or am I experiencing a long time comedown? 

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In general, the little "floaters" you see when you look at the sky are normal.  If you're concerned about them go to an eye doctor.  Some physical eye conditions can make these worse especially as we age. 

Brain  fog can also occur in anyone anytime in their life for a variety of reasons.  For me the Winter months are the worst because of the darkness.  It's not necessarily due to drug use.  

If your face is getting numb and painful, go to the doctor.  It could be a sinus or a dental infection.  If it starts getting worse, don't wait!

As for the other symptoms, it's hard to say.  If you do have a touch of hppd it sounds pretty minimal. 

I'd refrain from using psychoactive substances, at least for a while, to see how things go.  

Note, I'm not a doctor in any way, shape, or form.  If you're concerned seek out a medical professional.  

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