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Weed + HPPD


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So I've been living with HPPD from acid for about 2 and 1/2 months now. I recently started to smoke weed again. Not too much just maybe once or twice a week with friends. Yes, the visuals get worse when I'm high and I feel way more on edge than before I got HPPD but I always seem to be fine the next day. Does anyone have a similar situation? Should I stay away from weed altogether? I'm especially curious if smoking weed with HPPD effected somebody negatively in the long run.



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The only way to get better is to keep your mind cleansed of all psychoactive drugs, including weed. Personally for me it makes me feel very anxious and gives me panic attacks even though I smoked it for years prior to hppd. Also makes my visuals and depersonalization and derealization alot worse. Id stay steer clear of it if you're looking to recover. 

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