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Weed affecting my HPPD


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Alright, so about 6 months back I dropped acid twice within the period of around 3 weeks. I had started to notice effects like visual snow and increased color vibrancy on my phone screen before, but I never realized it was HPPD until I went on vacation with my family for about a week. Since I had stopped smoking, my visuals increased and I started seeing text moving, and I had extreme anxiety from it. I got back from vacation, continued to smoke, and legit didn't notice the HPPD for 3 months. All I could notice was really the visual snow which didn't bug me at all. I stopped smoking again for 2.5 weeks for sports, and no exaggerated effects came back. I started smoking after the 2.5 weeks and over time I started looking up more on HPPD and got more anxious about the effects so I stopped smoking again.

For the last week I've pretty much been an anxious mess with nicotine withdrawals giving me anxiety and exaggerating my HPPD and I've seen an increase in color vibrancy, trails, afterimages, minor breathing in walls, and minor closed eye visuals. I also can notice that if i stare at an object for more than like 20 seconds without blinking the object gets absorbed by its surroundings and it dissapears. What I want to know is if I will ever be able to smoke again without an increase in visuals? I've seen on a lot of threads that people are sent into a full blown trip and get really anxious when they smoke, but that has never ever happened to me. Smoking feels the same as it ever has. I just really want to know if I'll ever be able to smoke again. 

And even If I wait for the effects to die down almost completely, would it ever be worth smoking again or is it too risky that the effects would come back?


Side note-- Nicotine withdrawals has easily been my main trigger for me noticing my symptoms, but I have found almost no where on the internet that anyone else had had this, except maybe one YouTube comment saying that HPPD's effects die down somewhat after around 2 weeks of the withdrawls. Just thought that was kind of strange.

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When I quit smoking I had bad nicotine withdrawal which made my visuals very intense.  It wasn't a surprise really.  If a few hour had gone by without a smoke the craving and the visuals would always coincide.

As for weed, can't touch it.  It makes my visuals and anxiety skyrocket.

My advice is give you lungs a break and stay away from tobacco.  If you need nicotine there are gums, patches, etc.  

We all have different ways of getting through each day.  Take care of yourself and I hope your symptoms subside.

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