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38 minutes ago, marce said:

Really so music worsened it? I play music constantly on earbuds to not hear the ringing so should I stop? or was it only because of concert music not earbuds?

I think the threshold for hearing damage is about 85 dB, so as long as you keep the volume at a reasonable level you should be fine. I have tinnitus too and listen to music while I work (and have for the past several years), and my audiologist said my hearing is completely normal. 

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I was told that loud music over a long period of time can cause tinnitus.  Since I was a kid I've always loved going to rock shows and, as you all know, those events can be LOUD.  Strangely enough, my hearing is still quite good for an old guy.  As I said, I'm not going to stop going.  My wife and I went to a show last night and the crickets are chirping in my head.  Worth it though.  Nothing like a great show.

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