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Still feeling "high"


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Hi guys

Does anyone else have periods where they feel high (obviously whilst not on drugs)? I don't mean the visuals, or the DP/DR, I mean where you actually feel the bodily sensation of being high and "overstimulated". My precipitating drug was MDMA, so it's very similar to an MDMA come-up, only without the euphoria. It's like a "tarnished" high, and very much as though my brain is overheating. It doesn't seem to be a symptom many can relate to.

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Yeah, almost all the time. Kinda like tripping on a microdose of say 2-cb or just having smoked some weed, without - as you mentioned - anything positives to it. In my case, the head pressure and dp/dr is a very big part of the feeling. Man I just wanna feel normal...

But sometimes, even though very rarely, I have moments where I really feel back in reality.. mostly for minutes at a time. 

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