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I take some cbd concentrate an hour before going to sleep.  I sleep soundly and don't feel groggy in the morning.  I used to have a real issue with insomnia.  The pills the doctor gave me made me feel like a zombie in the morning.  A friend recommended CBD and now insomnia is no longer a problem.

 I don't take it during the day because it makes me feel unfocused.   It didn't help with my visuals at all but it didn't make them worse.  For some, it helps with anxiety.  I guess everyone is different.

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Gonna bump this. Anybody else have experience with CBD oil? I was doing some reading this morning and it sounds like it could have some positive effects on anxiety, depression and overall mental health. 

Edit: Below are the links to the articles I came across in case anyone's interested. It seems CBD targets a lot of the problems suffered in the HPPD community. My only problem is figuring out where to buy quality CBD oil. It sounds like some are basically ripoffs and I don't want to get any with THC either. If anybody has any further information on this I'd love to hear it. 



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