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Is this HPPD?


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I have had slight visual snow for my entire life as far as i can remember, never been a problem i always just though it was what normal vision looked like, its not a concern to me tbh. I have been smoking weed for atleast 2 years now mostly just when im with people so not that often, and have done Mdma twice.

However not long ago I recently started seeing what looked like really tiny rain drops, the type you would have to go out of your way to try to see, constantly falling in my vision. Its only really visable when i dont concentrate on something or im looking into a dark space. I would probably decribe them more as a super thin/small pulsing light that kind of resembles rain drops. I noticed this a few days ago where i would look out me window trying to figure out if it was raining or not, and didnt think anything of it. Now I recently have been looking Into HPPD to see if thats what it is i am a lot more aware of them, I cant tell if it has been getting worse or im simply over aware of it and trying to look for it all the time.

Doesnt really impact my life to much just anoying and freaks me out. What im really worried about is if its going to get worse. Anyone able to tell me if they think this is HPPD? I am also just as worried thats its not HPPD and it could be something more seriously wrong with my eyes? Thanks!!!

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I get this sometimes. I think its just another manifestation of visual snow.

First of all thank yo so much for a fast reply! Im basically a hypochondriac so that sort of thing helps a lot! also does it ever go away for you? and how bad does it get, becuase it been a few days and it doesn't seem to be getting better, tbh its not that bad and doesnt impair me but its starting to give me some anxiety, was really just wandering also if its going to get much worse over time? 

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The thing I've learned with this illness is that the more you focus on your symptoms the worst they get.

The best thing you can do is to retrain your brain to ignore them completely, then it won't matter if you have them or not.

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