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Hi everyone. I used to lurk on another Hppd forum years back (forgot the name). I've had visual snow as early as I can remember. I believe what turned it from VS to full-blown HPPD was eating too much ecstasy which I know people say cannot happen but it did. The last time I took any psychedelics, tryptamines, etc. Was at age 16. I'm now 25 (9 years later) and nothing has improved. I still see static from the second I wake up till the second I go to sleep as well as BFEP, dp/dr, tunnel vision, basically the works. I've tried every medication under the sun to no avail. I've spend past 7 years in and out of hospitals, rehabs, therapists, halfway houses, etc. I have to leave right now but I'll finish this tirade when I return. Thanks for reading. 

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In my experience meds cause more problems than they solve (look at my thread below yours).

I know the struggle. You want relief but there is none.

I've been doing better the past couple of days because my anxiety is naturally down and I'm eating better. Also the conviction and belief that this isnt permanent and will get better.

It took a year and a half just for my anxiety to hit baseline.

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I just explained 100 times to dont search hope in meds buth everybody wants go the easy way its normal buth isnt if you focus on more naturaly way like exercise,sport maybe you was after 7 years walking with a smile

your recovery proces should be like a full time job, you only can make change nobody cant for you.

you are your own doctor.

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