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Looking for a doctor in Europe

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To keep it simple.
I'm looking for a doctor in europé who understands and has treated HPPD patients Before.
I have no problem to travel to meet someone, as long as he speaks English.
I'm tired of not getting taken seriously by doctors in my own country.

Positive vibes to you all! :)

P.S. Over the past 8 months I have slowly been getting better. Do you Think I should try any meds at all or try to get better all by "myself" ?
Already following all the "Lifestyle" stuff like taking no drugs, eating healhty, exercising, meditation etc.

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20 hours ago, Jay1 said:

If you are improving, i would stay away from meds.... At least get to the 12 month point.

Thank u for your response Jay1.
This was also my original plan, to atleast wait 1 year Before trying any meds.

by the looks of it, I will probably do it if my condition doesn't get much worse over a long period of time.
I can feel that the recovery is not a straight line , but a continous wave up and down.
I once had my best day, almost feeling completely back to normal, just the day after having a total breakdown cause the symptoms were taking over.

Good vibes to you and everyone else!

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