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HPPD since 2008.


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I have HPPD since 2008 and I was 18 then. I was abusing the drug DXM daily at very high dosages. My life went to shambles, and still is, more or less. I can't seem to stop abusing a drug. The thing with my HPPD is that is visual snow and it makes me feel really unreal sometimes, which leads to bad decision making. I was just wondering if their was a way that I could get my concentration back. I was a straight A honor's student. I feel handicapped. I just need some advice and possibly some support. I can't make commitments and I feel too stupid these days to elaborate. Thank God for some type of community though.

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First, stop taking drugs.  This disorder can be cumulative.  Hppd can take a long time to get better but the healing can't begin until you stop using.  If you were a straight 'A' honor student you're still a bright person.  You've just fallen into the fog.  While I only used DXM a small number of times (can't remember how many) I do recall that it made this fog quite thick.  For me, a sober life has been a good life.  

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Hey @Rossss 

It's better, I forget things easily that are important. Like when I'm going to the gym I'll forget me wallet and actual pass to go in. Little things like that, go somewhere in the house and forget my original purpose, do something else in that place, go back to my room and remember my original goal. I've always done it but it feels more prevalent nowadays. So I do feel better, just different 

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