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Please Help I am loosing my family

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Please help me ! I have no idea what to do. I believe my brother took lsd and overdoze it last sunday night - monday. He is 19 just finished school, he wast just smoking cigarets sometimes weed, and maybe he once tried yers ago lucy but then effect was good he was out after a day now its diffrent. I came back to home ant tuesday night when my mother called crying, I though situation is better, but its getting worse. He keep seeing bad things he screams, he think thst everyone is insane around him and we are doing something to him, we left him for 20 min,, dad was at job and I went to pharmacy with my mother. When we came back we found him st neighbors house just sitting in kitchen scaring the hell out neighbors we took him home and told to nrighbors that he judt smoked too much. He eat few bites per day watermelon, he doest want anything just to stay alone in silent, but when he is at silent and alone he keeps shouting to leave him alone. He sleeps very good now till 9 in the morning whe he wake up its a little bit better we can speak he recognise me, he does what im telling to do, eat drink brush teeth take shower, but accidently he saw light bulb on when i mistakenly turned on he freaked out and he was freaking all day long yesterday after that accident. Before sleep and night he starts shaking,, having high temperature,, he losts control of his body, he spits alot too becore he go sleep. His tongue is with white mass on it.  ITS fifth day today when he is like that, I Have no idea ehat to do, my mother is in hospital because of stress and shock, my father is feeling very bad too, they both work in orphanage,, they will be kicked out if this situation woul be publicated. I Caleed to narcology center, they were very rude didnt gave any tips just said if he is agressive dont bring here, take him straight to the mad house. 

I believe my brother have lsd induced psychoses, I read that he can be like this for the rest of his life and I dont believe it,, no matter what I will find solution to bring him back, I would change places with him without thinking if it woul be possible. 

I found somewhere that 4 amino acids could help to him should I try? ,please give my any tips,, I am loosing my family. 

Sorry for my english, I am from Lithuania.

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No, no you should not give your brother any amino acids.

You need to get him to an emergency room or medical professional to be evaluated asap. This could be something much more serious than hppd.

Get him help. Bottom line.



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5 hours ago, Brotherr said:

But they will just shut down him in madhouse and will pump antidepresants. My parents will be kicked out from job

A "madhouse" could be the best thing for him. Drug induced psychosis can be a very serious matter, im no doctor but it sounds like hes currently acting out as a paranoid schizofrenic. He could very well harm someone or himself, i beg of you to take him to a hospital  

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