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Keppra or Lamictal?

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What's going on guys.

I have an appointment with my psychaitrist tomorrow finally. I'm excited to bring up the option of adding a new medication. Has anyone on this forum had any experience/success with Keppra/Lamotrogine? I know there's a study out there that showed how the EEG of 23/27 patients normalized 90 days after starting Keppra.

Would love any input you guys have

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I tried Keppra for 1,5 months but it didnt do anything for me. It made my depression hellish and me very tired and fatigued (which I am already without any meds since getting HPPD).

But as @TheMythos said, studies and the information on the forums here point to Keppra as the most effective. 

I might try Lamictal soon. Good luck with your recovery man!

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I haven’t tried Keppra, and am on lamictal currently. I came to my neuro asking for Keppra based on anecdotal evidence, but she urged me toward lamictal, as it has a very similar mechanism of action and fewer negative side effects. I am still on too low a dose to really judge its effectiveness, but I can confirm that, thus far, side effects have been very minimal.

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