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Feeling like I'm getting brainwashed by being on this forum

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I feel like the symptoms of anxiety,depression,derealization and depersonalization are a matter of us dealing with our condition and how we respond to it and the emotions we attach to it. 

Honestly, I feel like the best way to get better from HPPD is to accept the fact that yes you may have visuals but this is NOT the end of the world. You have to do things like meditation, wim hof breathing, weight lift, exercise. If you continue to believe that you're going to have anxiety and depression for the rest of your life due to a past decision, you have to ABSOLUTELY get over this destructive thought pattern. 

Guys, the mind is an extremely powerful thing. We can either use it as a tool for our own advantage or as a means of self destruction. STOP the negative thought patterns, eliminate the cortisol rush's from anxiety and take control of your life!

Never feel sorry for yourself and never ever go into the bitter regretful mindset. This will just absolutely lead you down a dark path. 

Cheers, hope everyone gets better.


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9 hours ago, TheMythos said:

Good sentiments and advice.

How exactly are you being brainwashed by being on this forum?

The fact that some people are talking about they can't handle this disorder anymore and it is out of their control. 

People are talking about how their anxiety has been limiting their life and they can't drive etc. This stuff is going to be ingrained into my subconscious mind and slowly will become my reality.

If you perceive something in one manner for a prolonged period of time then that's going to become your reality. 

Honestly, the best advice would be to stay away from these forums and reading up on anything HPPD related. It's as if you have a really awful itch and you keep on itching and itching, giving you temporary relief which ultimately results in the itch becoming worse.

We have to distance ourselves from depression and anxiety. We can not let this disorder dominate our lives. We only have one life.

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I'm kind of torn on this...

I agree that a positive mindset is very helpful, and self blame/ self loathing are useless.... But I completely disagree that dp/dr and anxiety are emotional responses and not, at least in some part, neurological. I couldn't care less about my visuals anymore, but dp/dr is hell on earth and no amount of positivity and peace can stop it from being there. It's almost like a physical pain.

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I guess I'm lucky in one respect.  The DP/DR was short lived.  Well .. I still get moments but they're just moments that last no more than a minute or so.  I think it's neurological.  It comes out of nowhere.  It's certainly not caused by attitude.  The visuals on the other hand can wear me down if I let them.  In the original post I liked the message that visuals are not the end of the world.  They're not.  They don't even exist.  Just neuro chemicals playing in my coconut.

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When I'm tired I feel TIRED. Disconnected kinda, like I'm here but not really. It's something I can't control because I think about hppd maybe like 6-7 times a day and they stay in my mental For a minute or so. I don't dwell on the forum which is good. I told my sister what I have and what I've been doing, she said stop reading and live like you've been. She's right


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