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Anyone else tripped out by their thoughts?

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Throughout these 8-9 months I've been through all schools of thought, from the Greeks to postmodernism and back 100 times. Soooo much philosophical rumination about the nature of reality, existence... Religion... Anyone else?

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Nah since I was 20. 8 years.

But I have severe OCD and scrupulosity. When I was 16 I got really into philosophy, politics, religion, spirituality, metaphysics. Converted to Christianity in 2015.

Currently reading the collected works of Kierkegaard. 

There's not a day goes by that I don't ponder about existence and reality in some way.

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ooh, thank god it isn't OCD...

what troubles me the most, since it was a horrible last trip and this whole shit started 1 month after it, is it like PTSD which I have to resolve, or is it because of the HPPD that I have dissociation and these thoughts sometimes... :/ What do you think?

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It could be completely unrelated... We live in a very chaotic world that demands questioning. You might just be a smart, empathetic person that needs to try and work out the world you live in. Chances are you would have these thoughts without drugs/hppd.

I would try and turn it into a positive.... You are not just some reality tv addicted, media led fool who goes through life with their head in the sand.

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I think my long term psychedelic use at a young age formed a philosophy that I adhere to today.  Am I "tripped ou" by them?  No.  I actually am very happy with it all.  Live and let live, don't worry about the little stuff, it's all going to be OK, reality is an illusion, and so forth.

Needless to say, I sometimes get strange looks when I start talking.  Don't much care though.

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