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Do I have HPPD or something else?

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  • Floaters/distortions/trails/movement in peripheral vision.
  • Tactile hallucinations (I feel spiders crawling on me).
  • I forget chunks of my day.
  • I can't distinguish between my dreams and reality, i.e. I can't tell if something actually happened in real life or in a dream.
  • Don't enjoy anything anymore, I feel like there is a more 'important task' I should be carrying out.
  • Constantly tired. It seems like I feel more tired with the more sleep I get (makes no sense...:huh:).
  • I have a strong desire to daydream all of the time.
  • 'Paranoia' (I've been told that I'm paranoid because I say that I am being spied on and tracked by the government, but it's true). 
  • Social withdrawal, I can't trust anybody as they all appear to be working against me.
  • My thoughts and feelings don't feel like they're mine, or I'm not having any thoughts/feelings at all.
  • Everything seems surreal at times, as if it's all just a dream.

I had some of these symptoms prior to taking LSD once (200ug tab), but I don't really remember much of anything so I can't say exactly what I had. If it's relevant, I am currently taking an SSRI for clinical depression.

Many thanks! 

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