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Do I really have hppd


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    I have been dealing with this for a little over a year now. Before I had my episode I would see visual snow only in the bright blue sky, kind of disconcerting but not too big of a deal. Now fast forward about 4 years later. For a coulple of days I noticed my vision was getting a little blurry I was 32 so I thought, oh ok maybe it's time for glasses. I was only using weed alcohol and kratom. A couple of times I could feel my head doing something weird and made me feel bad momentarily but went away, I should have heeded my body's warnings and stopped the weed hydro is all I smoked. One faithful night I was smoking bud with my best friend and had been stressing about stuff all day. Toward the end of the night all of the sudden I had a locked up feeling in my brain for just a second. Then when it stopped I had a huge panic attack with positive after images and rhythmic muscle spasms in my thighs and couldn't stop clinching my teeth. The spasms stopped after I went to get some crumby sleep I thought when I woke up the next day these symptoms would stop wrong. I immediately quit all drugs. The after images got better with time but lit up objects still cause positive after images. My drug use has been this B4 my incident, lsd one time at age 31, shrooms one time, age 25, and weed all day every day since age 20. My symptoms at the start of said incident were positive after images, anxiety, depression, less emotions. Fatigue especially after lunch, starburst from lights, insomnia, social anxiety trouble talking for only 2 days aftetwards. Now a little over a year later my symptoms are mild insomnia with no hypnic jerks or sleep paralysis, positive after images only from lit up objects but they usually only last a second or two, and little or no dp/dr. Anxiety and depression also decreased but is still there so is a little tiredness. I need to end this post I know, is this hppd or something else.

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