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Do I have brain damage?

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The way I got my hppd and dp/dr was sudden panic attack sharp pain in head then vision changed two days after taking molly I have problems with concentration and focus I really can't focus with my eyes when I look at the sky and see a plane I can't focus on it while it moves when I saw two people on americas got talent dancing hand in hand I couldn't focus on the overall performance when I went to the airport to drop off my dads mom there was a lot of people and to see everyone I have too look left right left right one could only focus on person at a time couldn't just see everyone like a normal person does some guy rode his bike by me I tried to watch him with my eyes and I couldn't follow had to keep moving my eyes to see him when I look left or right it's like I don't process visual information fast enough like it's a slide show or some shit just not natural this all brain damage? When I drive and see the car in front of me it's like i see it but I can't focus on it when a kid was dancing by himself on americas got talent I can either see his upper body or lower body I couldn't focus on just him dancing what is this 

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Have you used psychedelics?  


Sorry, somehow I missed the sentence containing "molly".  Never used it myself but there are a number of people in this forum who have experience with it and hppd. That being said, give yourself a little more time.  It may just be residual seratonin depletion.

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Depends how you define brain damage.

In it's strictest sense.... You cannot get brain damage from drugs.

On a neurological level, I think receptor damage is more than possible, though I don't think it is fully proven or accepted.

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