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Scared for the future


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Right now I'm at a comfortable level where I can finally get on with my life. 

But ive heard so many stories about relapses. I don't want to be around town two years down the line, smell a bit of weed then relapse all over again. I don't want to ask for a decaf coffee and recieve a normal one and go back to the beginning of HPPD.  What if I have to deal with stressful events that lead to a relapse. 

I'd say I'm around 40% recovered from HPPD which is huge, I've been given a second chance and I don't want to ruin it or have it taken from me.

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You're not gonna relapse from second-hand smoke or coffee. I really don't think that's possible. There are stories of people who've had their symptoms worsen due to drug exposure but nobody talks about a real hardcore relapse from these things. As long as you stay away from drugs you'll be fine. I just went to a concert where there was literally clouds of weed floating about outside and I just removed myself from the situation and covered my face the whole time but still had fun! You just have to be safe and careful and you'll be fine. 

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Just relapsed 2 weeks ago, I knew coffee wasn't good for this condition but I used to drink some from time to time without any effect. Then, I became careless...Recently I had a hard time at work, I wasn't sleeping enough and was drinking strong coffee, at least 3 cups each day for 10 days. Last time while playing piano I noticed that I had now some slight "trails" or whatever, I can see more motion blur, which I never had before, even on my onset in december 2015. (luckily my symptoms were not very severe) I'm not used to it and it bothers me, can't stop watching it. Vision is kind of blurry sometimes, light sensitivity had increase a lot, and halos and afterimages too, some things flicker a bit... So yes you can relapse from coffee :P But you have to drink hard stuff  regulary I guess. I was 94,67% cured since July 2016. I was so dumb to drink this shit. I hope to recover again :]

About the pot I was afraid at the beginning, now there's often weed smoke around me and it never had any effect .

@Unlucky : I don't know how your symptoms are, but imo you should seriously adress anxiety, for trying to find more calm and peacefulness. Meditation/sophrology and CBT if you can. These things really helped me.

Hang in there people


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I drink coffee in binges and my visuals are no different.  Always there, always will be.  Being tired makes them worse or more noticeable.  Second hand weed doesn't do anything to me and I'm hyper-sensitive when consumed "first hand".

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Hi, mate. Back on the site for a bit. I was worried about it too. I live in a town where people smoke hash and cannabis a lot. We live near to Morocco and there are lot of hash which came from there, there are lot of people of all ages smoking everywhere. When I started my job as a kitchen assistant, I was afraid to get these strange sensations or exacerbating symptoms or what would happen if while I was walking down the street, I was exposed to these fumes. A lot of people smoke in my neighborhood

What I did? As I said, I needed to know what would happen to me If one day, going to my work, I was exposed to these people who normally smoke here... Although it may sounds stupid, I exposed me gradually to places o situations where people are smoking. Yeah,dangerous, I know, but was a inversion to know how it could affect me in long terms. I gone to my friends again, to their houses, where they smoke a lot, usually more than 4 joins burning all time in the same room. That was to much. I was drinking beer (I'm able to drink alcohol again) and I got really stoned, but was really fine to see, although I was feeling really stoned, I hadn't no anxiety. That did mean, if I was OK in a room where lots of joins were being smoked, I should be OK if I was second hand exposed to cannabis outdoor, going to the work or every place where I wanted to go (bar, pubs, festival, parties).

Objetively, I was exposed aroung 4 hours for lot of joins (3-4 friends smoking has, cannabis in a little closed room) and I felt weird only for that same night. Next day I woked up feeling normal.

In my opinion, HPPD brings with it lots of symptoms. When you can discover them all, know which affects you the most and which affects you least, situations or factors that may negatively affect, you manage it and understanding what you are doing with that condition. You can get little relapses, or times where you'll got exacerbating symptoms, but you got it. If you beat HPPD, HPPD won't never control you.

I would like to say that I consider to have surpassed my hppd. I will post my story and my current situation later, for those who are interested can read it.

My best wishes for you. I hope I helped you with my answer.

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